What Makes Sharon the Right
Hypnosis Specialist for You

I was sitting at a wooden desk near the front of my fifth grade class when I got the urge to hiccup. 

I don’t mean I got the hiccups. I mean I got the urge to make a hiccup sound.

The teacher had been standing in front of the class reading from an open book. 

The moment I hiccuped, she glanced at me with a slightly startled expression.

That startle would turn into irritation over the coming weeks as the hiccuping increased. 

To be clear, I knew I was doing it. Yet I felt powerless to stop. 

That was the first of a variety of tics and twitches I experienced as a kid. 

But I was one of the lucky ones. I was able to figure out strategies that eventually allowed me to stop on my own.

Not everyone is that fortunate. 

That’s one of a million reasons I fell in love with hypnosis.

You get to relax …

And drop your old habits.

Drop your fears and limiting beliefs.

Drop your guilt, grief and anxiety.

And discover the personal power that comes when you're able to rewire your brain.  

There’s a whole lot of science behind hypnosis and what makes it work. 

But the real joy is in the experience. 

And I’m delighted to guide you there.

As a certified hypnosis specialist since 1993, I help eliminate the hidden blocks that are keeping you stuck — so you get to enjoy the freedom you deserve. 

Imagine how EMPOWERING it would feel to be free of the guilt, shame, fear or confusion that’s holding you back from what you want most.   

With my support you’ll finally be able to think clearly, act decisively, and move forward with unshakeable confidence.

Even better, you’ll do it without spending years in endless therapy. 

And Just In Case You're Wondering About the Details 😁

Certified Hypnotherapist, International Association of Counselors and Therapists

Certified Hypnotist, National Guild of Hypnotists

Certified Hypnotist, International Certification Board of Clinical Hypnotherapists

Master-Certified Money Breakthrough Coach 

Certified Regression Therapist

 Certified NLP Practitioner

 Award-Winning Speaker, Teacher and Author


“For years I had worthiness issues. I felt disempowered in just about every area of my life. 

Personal development tools helped. Yet I still had old voices and patterns stuck in my head. And they were preventing me from living up to my true potential for my life’s purpose.  

After working with Sharon, I immediately noticed a difference in the way the people closest to me reacted to me!  

I was radiating empowerment and worthiness rather than the lack and unworthiness I felt before. And they were reflecting that back to me.  

The results were life-changing.

And they were just as powerful in my business as an Arbonne Independent Consultant.  Everything felt more peaceful after I let go of all the old baggage.

I love my clients and my Arbonne team, so that was just as important to me as the improvements I was seeing in all my other relationships.  

I’m thrilled to have Sharon in my life. She was an answer to a prayer.”

Tricia DeBenedetto

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