Tired of Being a Slave to Cigarettes?

Woman holding a cigarette with smoke

How many times have you promised yourself the next cigarette would be your last?

You know they’re killing you.

Yet it’s hard to break up with the one you smoke with your morning coffee.

Or the one you smoke at work when you need to get away from your desk. 

Or the one you smoke on your drive home to mark the end of the day. 

It’s not that you’re not trying hard enough. 

The problem is that it’s a tenacious habit. And simply wanting to quit isn’t enough. 

You need a partner who understands how to get your brain to break up with cigarettes — for good. 


Sharon Jackman Hypnosis to the rescue!

The Shocking Truth Hidden In Those Cigarettes

This may surprise you, but nicotine isn’t keeping you smoking.

In fact, it’s not all that addictive. 

Once you quit it’s out of your system in about 3 days — no matter how many years you've smoked. Or how many you smoke in a day.

So why the cravings?

It’s because of the SUGAR that’s hidden in every cigarette.

The tobacco industry is the world’s second leading consumer of sugar.

They’re not required to tell you about that. Because cigarettes aren’t classified as a food item.

But that’s how they’re really keeping you hooked.

Fortunately hypnosis can work wonders at kicking ALL of those cravings to the curb. 

So you can drop the cigarettes — without gaining any weight.

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You'll Save More Than Your Life

Cigarettes rolled in a hundred-dollar bill

Did you know that in North Carolina, if you smoke 2 packs a day, your habit is costing you more than $5,000.00 every year?

What could you do with an extra $25,000.00 over the next 5 years? 

Add to that the savings you’ll enjoy on health insurance — up to 150%.

Plus, you might even get a nice tax break that covers the cost of becoming a non-smoker.  

The truth is, the only ones benefiting from your smoking are the tobacco-company executives who are getting rich off of you.

It's time to take your power, your health and your money back.

Just 2 sessions of hypnosis and you can finally stop smoking — once and for all.

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