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🤔 Why Self-Confidence Trumps Confidence

December 05, 20231 min read

Here’s an important distinction between confidence and self-confidence:

Confidence is something you do.
Self-Confidence is something you ARE.

You can feel confident facilitating your process
And still want to run and hide rather than promote it in public.

You can feel confident in your career
And still fall in line behind a domineering partner.

You can feel confident in your relationship
And still feel uncomfortable in your own skin.

Want to develop unstoppable self-confidence 
that fuels you in every corner of your life?

Embrace your inherent value.

Try this …

😕 Acknowledge your right to your feelings.

All of them.

No matter how many times you were told
to stuff them down, they’re yours.

And you have a right to feel the way you do.

🎁 Give yourself what you needed but didn’t get as a kid.

It may seem trivial all these years later
But the love and affection you didn’t get then?

They scarred your nervous system. 
And it’s time now to heal.

💪 Strengthen your boundaries.

Only you get to decide what you’ll accept
And what you won’t.

And if you haven’t drawn the line yet?

🙌 Now’s the time.

When you begin coming home to yourself
in this way

You develop the kind of self-confidence
you get to take wherever you go.

You’re worth it.
And you always have been.

Big HUG,


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