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😳 Calming Interview Nerves

December 08, 2023•1 min read

There's a lot you can do to relax before and during an interview to reduce your nerves.

❧ Breathing into your belly through your nose, making the exhales long than the inhales.

❧ Unhinging your jaw and imagining it's dropping gently to the floor.

❧ Standing tall and relaxed, as if you've got a golden thread gently pulling you up from the top of your head.

❧ And then imagining what you're going to say to yourself after it's over. And everything went your way.

It may be a "YES!" Or an "I did it!" Or even "That went pretty well," with a smile on your face.

Don't worry about specifics. Just get a sense of how good you're going to feel when the interview turns out exactly the way you want it to.

Then bring that lightness and energy right into the interview.

🙌 You've got this.

Big HUG,


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